Kae A. Eaton, MACS
Chaplainphoto of kae

Kae earned her MACS Theology, Spirituality and Counseling Psychology
from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in 2010, after having
received a Degree Certification in Spiritual Direction there in 2008. She was
commissioned in 2008 as Spiritual Director through Spiritworks.

In addition to her work at the Mental Health Chaplaincy, Kae is a spiritual
director in private practice in Seattle and a member of Spiritual Directors
International. She serves as Chair of the Commission on Disabilities in
the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia and is project director for the Braille
Project at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. As a member of the vestry at
Saint Mark’s, she serves on Governance, Spiritual Formation and Small
Group Development committees, the Labyrinth Task Force, and Noel House
Women’s Shelter.

Kae is our Companionship Coordinator and Spiritual Director. Her work with the Chaplaincy focuses on training people and groups in the Companionship Model for use in a variety of settings both secular and faith-based. Through outreach programs and pastoral care programs, she works with individuals, families, meal and shelter programs to support those struggling with the isolating issues of mental, emotional or circumstantial difficulties.

Kae enjoys living, worshiping, knitting and writing in the beautiful ‘rainforest’ of the Northwest, along with her daughter, Kelli and her super-dog, Flash Gordon, and the beautiful Katya the cat.